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What does your employment application look like?

November 10, 2015

Your employment application represents your organization in ways that may not be readily apparently to you or your potential employees. It’s worth the time to rethink and revise the application often. Involve several people who are not part of the organization as they will provide a fresh perspective and perhaps point out things internal reviewers may miss.

Some of the things that stand out:

  • Is everything you are asking the candidate to provide relevant to the job?
  • Are questions well-written and unambiguous?
  • Any typos? [it happens far too often]
  • How long should it take for an applicant to complete? Is that reasonable?
  • Does the application flow or are sections disjointed and confusing?
  • What kind of impression will the potential employee have of your organization?
  • What kind of impression do you want to convey?

Typos signal that the person putting together the application fields is careless and/or not quality-minded. Irrelevant and poorly written questions frustrate candidates and may prompt them to abort the application process. Moving from one section of the application to the next, the candidate should feel like it’s cohesive, rather than distracting. All it takes is one little distraction or frustration and – poof – the applicant is gone.

Last, but certainly not least, think about the amount of time the applicant will spend deciphering any of the above and/or completing the online application process. Keep in mind they likely have more than one potential employer in their crosshairs and time is a finite resource.

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