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Data greed in content marketing: This tradition should quickly fade away!

November 21, 2014

Have you ever downloaded a case study or white paper? Was the process relatively easy? Were you annoyed at any point? Did you get so annoyed that you abandoned the process before you even got your hands on the information? Been there.

Here’s the scene: I see a link on Twitter that displays a great headline for a brand new white paper and I’m inspired. I click the link where I am prompted for my name and my email address and the screen happily says “read this white paper now!” So far so good…

The next screen prompts for more information and I have to fill in at least 10 more fields. (I’m annoyed. I want to learn from this document RIGHT NOW, not type type type!) So I fill in the 10 more fields.

THEN, the screen tells me to check my email and after staring at the screen for a few seconds, I finally realize I cannot download that doggone white paper from this screen.

MORE CLICKS. Now I have to confirm my subscription and I STILL haven’t gotten my electronic hands on that white paper!

The worst part: this is a subscription (in the IT space, no less) to which I have already subscribed. Each time I want to view one of their white papers, I have to re-enter the information! ARRRRRRRGH! I can’t believe I fell for it – again!

My blood pressure is up, blood is rushing away from my brain as I’m visualizing throwing large objects (CORI HULK SMASH!), and I am making up new swear words unintelligible to other humans. Data greed! Data greed! You already have my stuff – several times in fact! ARRRRRRRGH!

Lesson to be learned: Minimize the pain.

This is one tradition that should quickly fade away, lest content marketers turn their potential clients into babbling, frustrated idiots who will block the marketer’s URL once adequate blood flow returns to their brains.

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